Fun activity subscription box for kidsBelow you’ll find which theme we are shipping each month. If you have any questions or comments, e-mail us at


*Because of the Covid-19 situation, we do not ship following the monthly order below. Certain items take longer to be delivered and as a precaution, we put all items aside for 2 weeks before using them to build our boxes. If you would like to know which box is available, send me an e-mail and I’ll gladly answer any questions you have. If you place an order, we will ship one or more of the boxes listed below.


January - Color Theme

A craft in which you make 2 beautiful stained glass masterpieces that you can hang on your window.

2 cool experiments where you explore the artistic side of melted wax and make yourself a crayon.

A game where the goal is to pick colored beads out of the box as fast as possible.

February - Music Theme

You build yourself a shaker drum to explore percussion instruments.

You also explore wind instruments with a home made pan flute.

Experiment how string tension affects sound with your own guitar.

Play Musingo! A game where you match instruments to win.

March - Water Theme

Includes the RiverRun board game where you make boat tokens that go down a river.

Bring out your inner scientist and discover water’s properties through 10 experiments. 

Be creative and make an aquarium out of the shipping box. Includes mobile fish!

April - Animal Theme

Play the Crazymals game where you have to imitate and guess the other player’s animal cards.

Turn yourself into a cow with this moo mask that comes with a handle and plenty of creative leeway.

Make yourself a friendly chick companion complete with feet and real feathers.

Mai - Electricity Theme

A craft in which you build a robot, complete with wheels, buttons and antenna.

Experiment with basic electrical circuits and find out what’s conductive around you.

Make a thundercloud and use static electricity to move the lightning bolts and other experiments.

June - Nature Theme

Create a mobile caterpillar and turn him into a beautiful butterfly.

Make a beaded snake bracelet and play with it’s color pattern.

Play Flip Flop that has dual sided tokens and work your memory.

Go on a scavenger hunt where you try to stamp all the items in a book.

July - Vehicle Theme

Play the SchoolRun board game with car tokens you make.

Create a hot air balloon to carry some of your toys around.

This month includes a tangram with 18 puzzles to solve.

Play a gross motor skills game where you have to follow road signs.

August - Body Theme

Build a fully mobile skeleton puzzle that you can hang and play with once built.

Discover your digestive, skeletal, nervous and circulatory systems with 5 cool experiments.

Build your sensotron with the shipping box and play a game using only one of your five senses.

September - Food Theme

Play 2 games in 1 in Fast Food. Make healthy meals or food groups.

Make your own recipe book filled with easy and delicious food.

Play with food! Make art using the included food items.

Grow your own food in 2 days and then taste what you grew.

October - Pirate Theme

Ahoy matey! Set sail in your very own pirate ship complete with sail.

Every pirate needs a trusty hook hand. Make your own and arrrrgh!

Play a game where choices matter. Which path will you take?

Build two pirate puppets and enact your own original pirate story.

November - Superhero Theme

Make yourself a super shield to defend yourself from villains.

Build a magic wand that can levitate metallic objects.

Make yourself flashy bracers to tie your superhero look together.

Play a game where you use a power puck to knock villains down.

December - Space Theme

Make yourself a macaroni night light to keep you safe at night!

Play the Galactic Game where you have to play tokens in order as fast as you can.

Recreate a smaller version of our solar system and then spin an ‘earth’ around the sun. Don’t drop it!